Hana Bank Korea

Project report

Helsinki Central Library Oodi

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MERO-TSK Space Frame for the Study of Deep Space

Official Inauguration of the first Large Size Telescope

Schaeffler training workshop

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Pala Armani - Home of the Armani Basketball Team

The new stadion roof of the Pala Armani Baskets in Milan.

Welcome to MERO-TSK

MERO-TSK International GmbH & Co. KG is a globally operating company divided into the product areas of Construction Systems, Airport-Technology, Floor Systems and Exhibit Systems.

MERO was founded in 1928 by Dr. Ing. Max Mengeringhausen, the pioneer of modular construction and the room framework derived from it. In 2004, MERO was integrated into the Tröster Systeme und Komponenten (TSK) group of companies, which also operates internationally, and was subsequently given a forward-thinking orientation in all product areas.


More than 50 years’ experience in systems with special production technologies

Construction Systems implements architecturally distinctive buildings with modular system components as supporting structure. Areas of specialization are on wide span roofs and filigree facades as well as constructive implementation of the various requirements for glass architecture.

Exhibit Systems designs and manufactures innovative systems for trade fairs, exhibitions and shop fitting and distributes them worldwide.


Floor Systems provides various types of access and hollow floors with accessory equipment for office buildings, computer and clean rooms, telecommunication, airconditioning technology, data center, production plants, control rooms and refurbishing.                                                                            

Airport-Technology creates maintenance service centers and working platforms for international airports.

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Current Projects

Sutter Medizintechnik Emmendingen


 Project report 

Range Technology, Langfang, Hebei, China


 Project report 

Endress + Hauser - Maulburg


 Project report 


Warsaw Hub, Warsaw - Poland


 Project report 


MERO-Floor Systems at Data Centre World

The continuing trend to smooth surfaces in interior design, as a side effect,


Global Switch - Hong Kong


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