MERO-TSK at Expo 23 in Doha

Final construction

Since October 2023 the world meets at the Expo in Doha under the motto „Green Desert, Better Environment“

MERO-TSK, from tradition dedicated to sustainability, has contributed two structures to this exhibition, two identical domes with a  diameter of 30m and a height of 15m each. The steel structure is made of a MERO Block-Node-System (BK-System) and has a weight of only 20 tonnes per dome, which corresponds to just under 15kg/m². The installation duration for the steel structure was only two weeks per dome. As the exhibition domes are intended to house life plants, it was decided to use an air-filled ETFE cushion cladding to provide the plants with plenty of UV radiation.

Under construction

MERO Block-Node-System (BK-System)