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MERO Typ 6 N36 Thermo

The Type 6 N36 Thermo system adds heating and cooling functionality to the basic Type 6 system. The subslung thermal insulation units are fitted with heat conducting sheets, which connect to the 14 mm heating pipes.
The heating circuit table is usually done by MERO-TSK. Interface to the contractor is the existing heating manifold. Pressure tested by MERO-TSK, the pipes are inserted by the contractor. The system is DIN Certco certified.
For subsequent installations the pipes are pulled out of the insulation units at a length of app. 2 m. The thermal insulation units now are easy to pick up.
Depending on the overtemperature of the heating medium, it is possible to achieve heating powers of app. 91 W/m² and cooling powers of app. 23 W/m² according to DIN EN 1264-2 resp. -5.
The nominal load capacity is 3,000 N according to DIN EN 12825.

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