Floor coverings

Possible top covering applications range from resilient or textile coverings to checker plate, parquet or stone. For resilient coverings and parquet, the edging strip is pulled up to the top edge of the covering and thus protects the covering edge. Natural stone or porcelain stoneware can be finished either on a 2mm shadow gap or likewise with a surrounding limer up to the top edge. Textile coverings are only cut to size afterwards in order to achieve a surface appearance close to that of a sheet product.

There are hardly any restrictions for resilient floor coverings (PVC, rubber, linoleum). For textile coverings and stone, the choice of covering should be discussed with our sales department. We offer parquet as belt, mosaic, lamella parquet or in English bond in different arrangements and a large selection of wood types. The surface can be either oiled or varnished. The lipping is color-matched.

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