Functional Floors Sound absorption

MERO Type 6 Silent

The Type 6 Silent system works like an acoustic ceiling system at floor level. The perforated calcium sulfate panels absorb sound energy, thereby reducing reverberation and ensuring pleasant acoustics in the room. The free cross section of 10,5% to 26% allows, for example with a Needlefelt quality Vebe Strong 956 (rolls) and an acoustic fleece glued to the underside, a rated sound absorption level of αw of 0,50 (LH) to 0,70 (LH). In addition to its acoustic properties, it can also be used as an air ventilation floor.

The Type 3 Silent steel variant with 32% free cross-section and applied needlefelt quality Vebe Strong 956 also allows for a rated sound absorption coefficient αw of 0.75 (MH) or 0.80 (L).

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