International Trade Center EUROVEA

The International Trade Center EUROVEA is a new urban complex reaching from the historical quarter of the city to the Danube.

It harbours a shopping mall,  four buildings of luxury apartments, suites and penthouses, an office building, a five star hotel, a cineplex including an IMAX cinema, and a fitness centre.  

Three elements of this building complex were delivered and erected by MERO-TSK. The shopping mall is surmounted by a glazed steel roof structure with a total surface of a 5,900 m², spanning between the buildings. The glazing consists of insulated glass panels. The layout of the roof geometry follows the irregular outline of the buildings. The ridge line of the barrel shaped roof runs in a curve. The barrel vault takes on a dome shape in phases.

The facade of the office building was constructed as a free-form geometry. Here, also, the block node system was chosen for the steel substructure.

In order to realize the challenging geometry in keeping with the architectural requirements, MERO-TSK used the so-called star node, an innovation developed in-house. The triangular insulated glass panels are 3.5 m high. They are fixed with rotules which were especially designed for this project. 

The fountain roof is on the plaza of the shopping mall. The glass of this structure can bear pedestrian traffic. It acts as a skylight for the storeys below it and simultaneously as the sealed basis level for a fountain.

Client: IV Zipp & Porr, Bratislava,
Architekt/Architect: Vasko &Partner Ingenieure, Vienna

Max-Mengeringhausen-Straße 5
97084 Würzburg, Germany

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