• Location:Aruba
  • Architects:Arte Sano Design Studio
  • Completion:2015
  • Client:Aruba Airport Authority N.V.
  • Type of structure:Cable Mesh with Cladding of Glass Tiles

Aruba is situated 25 kilometres north of Venezuela. It is the most westerly and smallest of the 3 ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao) in the southern Caribbean. For Queen Beatrix International Airport, which is situated 3 km south east of Oranjestad, a stretched canopy was mounted with steel cables and covered with special red glass tiles as roofing. The imbricating glass tiles were clamped into specially manufactured brackets and connected to the cable mesh by means of a clamping system. Two convex wooden columns of Siberian larch are serving as supports to the canopy.

The appox. 100 sqm canopy provides shelter against wind and sun, however, due to low annual precipitation, it needs not to be waterproof. The climatic conditions in Aruba could thus be taken fully into account.

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