Floor Systems

DSCF9350 Stützenpassivierung gelb vs blauFrom the actual point of view the prohibition of Chromium VI on construction sites will start at September 2017. We want to set a good example and turn step by step our galvanizing (yellow passivated) of our pedestals to blue passivated.

For current project handling and future orders nothing will change. The changeover to blue passivated is considered as state of technology. It meets all requirements for protection against corrosion in the same way the yellow passivation achieves at the moment. Our suppliers give us the guarantee for the equal quality and we also have tested it in our own laboratory with respective samples.

To provide our customers always with short delivery times we have a high quantity of pedestals in our stock. For this reason it is not possible to switch overnight our pedestals to the blue passivation. We are sure that we need a few month to change the complete range of pedestals.

But again to clarify: At the moment there is no need for action for an immediate change because we have enough time till September 2017. And therefore there are no reservations for further supply and installation of yellow passivated pedestals. On the other hand there are neither static nor problems with the protection against corrosion of the new colored passivation. We only want to inform you as early as possible and show you that we set a good example and take care of this issue.


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