Construction Systems

  • Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Completion: 2012

On the east coast of the Arabian peninsula Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) was created in the capital Doha. 3 freestanding shadow roofs with a unique cladding were integrated in the existing facilities.   

1 miap tentsThe architectural concept was that of a relatively light-weight steel structure with a spectacular cladding relying for its effect on a special membrane. This membrane fascinates the visitor with a sophisticated play of light and shadows. The top layer of the cladding allows a small part of the sunlight to filter through, thus creating shadow images of the internal space frame structure on the bottom layer consisting of Précontraint® membrane material produced by the French company Ferrari. Architectural vision materializes as a space frame structure which in turn dissolves into intangible shadow play.

The three tent structure spread over a total footprint of 1,500 m². Only few projects of this magnitude have been realized worldwide with the specially produced Précontraint® membrane Fluotop T2 (the ‘Mercedes’ among membrane materials).
2 miap tents

The membrane surface has been treated with highly concentrated PVDF, which makes it dirt-repellent and is extremely resistant to UV radiation and climatic influences. The distinctive durability of the Précontraint® membranes ensures that this premium roof cladding, combined to a beautiful effect with the supporting space frame structure, will last for a long time.


The spotlights hidden in recesses of the roof edges can be variably adjusted. As darkness falls on the skyline of Doha, they create a magic atmosphere.


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