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  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Architects: J. M. Tomás Llavador-AREAS Ingenieria y Arquitectura S.L.
  • Completion: 2006
  • Client: Feria de Valencia
  • Performance: Static, construction, manufacturing and erection of glass dome
  • Cladding: Height approx. 20 m, width approx. 40 m, length approx. 48 m, roof approx. 2,800 m² insulated glass with a sun-protection coating, facade approx. 620 m² insulated glass, approx. 115 to steel, approx. 185 to glass
  • Supporting structure: half-oval shaped dome structure made of single-layer space frame

The Foro Sur, on the verge of the Valencia's Trade Fair, was designed as a congress center for international events. The design of the dome reflects the idea of ​​the architect Jose Maria Tomás. The segmented design and computer supported planning allowed a direct implementation into production and thus ensure compliance with a very narrow completion date in early 2006.

Veriafront1The futuristic roof structure is made up of a galvanized single layer patented MERO-PLUS system with fire proof cladding. The horizontal oval dome structure consists of 2 mirrored ellipsoids which connect at the ridge of the roof.

During erection approx. 1,700 tubes and 600 nodes were installed. The vertical level of the entrance facade was formed as a conventional steel structure and cuts the cover close to the vertical axis of the ellipsoids. Veriafront2

The intersection point from roof to facade was designed as a welded polygonal box girder. The mirror image cladding continues to the end of dome. Below the equator of the dome the roof merges to a cantilevering curved facade.

The vertical elliptical rings located parallel to the longest axis of the dome are a typical feature of this construction. These rings are subdivided in the classic pattern of a triangular grid net, which creates the impression of regular flowing lines, but actually consist of a great number of different node, member and panel types.

The roof cladding is made up of approx. 1,100 different accessible triangular panels of insulating glass, with sun-protection coating. These are line stored and secured with point fixings against wind uplift. The glass joints are sealed with approx. 3,800 m silicone joints. For the facade about 160 insulating glass panes emergency doors, glass swing doors and ventilation windows were installed. The glass panes are concealed secured in the horizontal, grouted with silicone and vertically continuously fixed with cover strip. The cantilevered sun canopy over the entrance façade was covered with powder-coated aluminum sandwich panels and rounds up the overall picture of the structure.

1 foro sur b Ausschnitt b

Veriaback Veria aussen1   


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