Construction Systems

  • Location: Pont sur Sambre, France
  • Architect: Pascal Dutertre, Paris
  • Completion: 2009
  • Client: Siemens AG

Sambre Kraftwerk 1 kleinFor a power station in Pont sur Sambre, MERO-TSK was commissioned by Siemens AG to produce and supply a free-standing, polygonal and oval facade cladding, executed as a MERO space frame structure without any connections to the stack. The structure was installed under the professional direction of MERO-TSK. The total surface of the space frame structure is 3,195 m². The oval space frame structure was built as a MERO KK System. The surface of the cladding received a high-grade finish. The structure is supported on concrete foundations and also partially on a steel structure surmounting those, as necessitated by the shape of the buildings. The bottom area of the space frame structure is open up to the turbine house. The upper space frame oval, based on the bottom structure, rises to a height of 29.50 m. It has been constructed as a closed space frame structure in such a way that 1/3 of the oval was erected as a cantilever structure. Above the MERO space frame structure, up to level 40 m, a steel substructure for a cladding consisting of aluminium louvers was installed on an already existing conventional primary steel structure. This secondary structure and the aluminium louvers were also within MERO-TSK's scope of work. The closed space frame structure oval below received a single layer cladding and the necessary substructure for this cladding system.

Fassade Sambre 2  Blech 2 klein


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