Construction Systems

  • Location: Dresden, Germany
  • Architects: Henn Architects, Munich/Germany
  • Completion: 2000
  • Client: Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Scope of works: Steel substructure and glazed facades
  • Facade /Cladding: 24.000 sqm insulation and laminated glazing; 2.000 sqm aluminium cladding
  • Substructure: approx. 14 tons secondary structure

The Glasshouse Manufacture of  Volkswagen was opened in December 2001. MERO constructed the glazed facades for the building complex. The facades consist of 27.000 glass panels fixed on a steel substructure and connected with specified sealing strips.

03GläserneManufaktur 10GläserneManufaktur 

The term ‘Glasshouse Manufacture’ refers to a totally new concept in production. The  individual components supplied by Volkswagen satellite plants and outside vendors are delivered to the logistical centre Friedrichsstadt.

Two shuttles run between the delivery and storing terminal at the goods traffic centre Dresden and the Glasshouse Manufacture. These so called  “CarGo Trams” which were developed exclusively for Volkswagen make their 18 minute run using the public tram tracks of the city.

A salient feature of the spacious interior is the “Multimedia Sphere” It measures 12 m in diameter and is entered via a footbridge from the second story level of the lofty and bright  hall. The sphere houses a multi-media platform. Large-scale projectors and interactive terminals give access to information on the latest trends in art, culture, economy, industry and international news.

11GläserneManufaktur 12GläserneManufaktur
06GläserneManufaktur 07GläserneManufaktur

Customers and visitors enter the event area through the “Plaza”. A world of modern urbanity  opens to them, in which technology and culture merge playfully and invitingly. Rest areas offer relaxation and a first class restaurant caters for most exacting culinary tastes.




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