air roma aufbau 2kl bWartung 5P1010124 b kl

AT 30020 kleinThese systems represent the full range of dock modules. An individual or a combined application allows inspection, maintenance and partial overhaul works up to D-checks on certain types of aircraft on either wheels or jacks while access to all relevant maintenance points is given. 

The use of dock systems consisting of single dock elements enables the clients to carry out systematic and selective aircraft maintenance works.

Wartungsdock2 b scharf 1The MERO-Universal-Dock can be used for example for aircraft like Airbus A-310, Boeing B757/-767, Ilyshin IL 62, IL 76 and IL 86. The dock consists of each one fuselage and one tail dock half per wing. The supporting construction consists of a lightweight MERO Tube-Node System. The dock halves can be electrically driven on rails. All working platforms are variable in height and adjustable at any time.

Wartungsdock 1

Universal-Maintenance-Docks allow a safe access to all relevant maintenance and lacquering areas like Nose Area, Windshield, Fuselage, Upper Fuselage, Upper Wing Area, Wing Area, Horizontal Stabilizer or Vertical Stabilizer. Thus we offer the user economical aircraft maintenance, including customer specific solutions (sometimes reduction of stallage), and this with highest quality standard „Made in Germany".

Wartungsdocks 3 bNose dock system for Boeing B 747-400 

Covering the area from nose till wing front side of aircraft

  • fixed on hangar floor
  • provided with wind screen bridge and radome bridge (both moveable)

Wartung 4 b Jat kleinA320 / B737 Heckdock                                       A320 / B737 NG Docking System

thumb maint dock1bgross Wartungsdocks 2 klein PDR 0030 b kl PDR 0043 klMaintenance- and painting dock system for Boeing B 737 Series


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