Construction Systems

Bosch Areal, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Architect: Ostertag und Vornholt
  • Completion: 2001 
  • Client: Swiss-Germany-USA, a three-country-participating-object (DLF) 98/29 – Walter Fink Munich/Germany
  • Scope of Work: Steel Structure and Glazing
  • Cladding: 1.550 m² VSG aus TVG und Float
  • Type of Structure: 175 tons, single-layer net structure with pre-stressed tension ropes and rope spiders


1 bosch areal

The area formerly occupied by the administration of Bosch Company in Stuttgart/Germany, a listed historical monument, had been vacant for al long time, beforea new block of apartments, offices and a cinema infused it with new life.

The 14,000 sqm area now houses a variety of small-scale businesses and housing Units. A glazed grid structure constructed by MERO spans the whole central atrium. The divisions into individual plots, inherited from the former administrative complex, remains visible and lends the roofed-in passage a peculiar charm which not only preserved, but highlights the character of the original architectural monument.

4 bosch areal

The architectural steel/glass construction covering the atrium has been carried out as a glass shell after the principle of a translucent net dome protecting against weather influences and thereby enabling events and gastronomy all through the year. The heights of the roof vary from 9 m within the barrel to 15 m within the dome range. The filigree structure of 60 x 40 mm solid steel tubes, welded onto the nodes, spans a surface of 1.550 sqm.