Construction Systems

  • Location:YAS Island/Abu Dhabi
  • Architects:Benoy
  • Completion:2009
  • Scope of Works:Design and structural calculation; delivery and erection of the MERO space frame structure comprising Funnel, Shield and 3 Triforms of almost 200,000 sqm roof surface
  • Roof Covering/Roof Cladding:(not included in the scope of works of MERO-TSK)
  • Funnel: Glass Façade
  • Shield/Triform: Dark cladding consisting of insulation and aluminium standing seam system
  • Supporting Structure:
    - funnel-shaped geometry
    - MERO KK Space Frame Structure
    - free-form roof geometry
    - MERO KK Space Frame Structure
    - supported on vertical and diagonal conventional steel columns and on space frame columns
    - free-form roof geometry
    - MERO KK Ball Node System
    - supported on diagonal conventional steel columns and on space frame columns

1 yas islandOn the greatest natural peninsula of the Emirates the Ferrari World Theme Park was built as a superlative amusement and recreation park following a development concept of the architectural firm Benoy. Besides the Ferrari World Theme Park the new Formula 1 racing course of Abu Dhabi, a shopping mall, luxury housing estates as well as luxury hotels as well as two golf courses were going to rise.
Ferrari World is covered by a gigantic free-formed roof. The complete roof structure with a surface of almost 200,000 sqm consists of a MERO KK space frame.structure. With a total of approximately 172,000 members and 43,100 nodes, this is the largest space frame structure ever built worldwide.
MERO-TSK was not only responsible for the design, the structural calculation and the construction, but also for the production and erection of the complete steel structure. 

2 yas island

For modeling the total building was subdivided in 3 segments: the heart of the structure (Funnel), the central structure the socalled Shield and the three outer prongs (Triforms) With a size of 353x350x43 m the Shield was the biggest and most complex building part.

F1 F6 F13 F7


The structural calculation required new software as well as the development of new in-house calculation programs.

4 yas island F5

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of elementized building systems MERO has once again realized a unique milestone in the history of architecture.