Construction Systems

  • Location: Glasgow, Scottland
  • Architects: BDB Building Design Partnership Glasgow, Scotland
  • Completion: 2001
  • Client: Tarmac Building; Carillion Building Division Glasgow
  • Scope of Work: 3D Imax Cinema: Steel spaceframe structure, titanium cladding and glass curtain wall
  • Exhibition Building: Steel structure, titanium cladding and glass curtain wall; 360° Rotating Aerofoil Tower: Steel structure and aluminium cladding
  • Cladding: 4,800 m² insulated glass; 7,600 m² insulated titanium sheets; PTFE coated glass fabric
  • Type of Structure: total 620 t steel; 65 t space frame with MERO Vario-Clip system
3 science_center

The Glasgow Science Centre is situated on a 17.5 hectare site south of the river Clyde at pacific Quay. It consists of the "Exploratorium", an exhibition hall for science and technology with a total floor space of approx. 11,000 m², the "3D-Cinema", with 350 seats and the "Link Building", a pavilion connecting the buildings, which houses another show room and the ticket counters.

4 science center MERO's scope of work included approx. 620 tons of steel, of which 65 tons were used in the construction of the MERO space frame structure. 4,800 m² of glass fixed with the MERO Vario-Clip sealing system went into the glazed facade. The cladding of the 7,600 m² roof area consists of insulated titanium sheeting. The roof of the Link Building pavilion is a membrane structure of PTFE coated glass fabric.
ScienceCenterGlasgowTower-03 The observation tower is a lightweight space frame structure with supporting outrigger wings which give it the appearance of a catamaran set up on its stern. The tower stands on a revolving platform. By turning to suit the wind, the wind loads on the tower are minimized. At the heart of the tower is a staircase clad with aluminium panels giving a cross section in the shape of a teardrop. Glass walled elevators are located in the open ribbed area of the structure and an observation cabin is installed on top of the tower at a height of approx. 100 m.       


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